Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You don't know me

So I just checked my email, and there was one from Barnes & Noble pushing Mother's Day gifts.

WTF, B&N?  Do you automatically assume that I, as a mother, will want copies of The Blind Side and Michael Buble's CD and The Postmistress [which I've never even heard of]?  Because I used my womb, I am automatically consigned to that marketing demographic?  The one with pop standards and feel good movies and books about prim and proper mail ladies [I'm guessing.  Who knows?]?  The one that assumes that all I think about are loving family crap and easy listening? 

I am a woman who has many interests, who is strong and smart and talented and who enjoys stretching her mind and life beyond her comfort zone.  Who has a background and life that is NOT cookie-cutter and whose life experiences are not to be stuck in some niche to be peddled to.  Who is a feminist and pro-choice and believes in her strengths.

Although, actually, I do kind of want to see The Blind Side [I heart Sandra Bullock, and I can hopefully get past the whole white-family-saves-black-kid thing] and I've liked the one or two Michael Buble songs I've heard.  Plus, his last name is fun.  And makes me giggle. 


[That 50% off is kind of tempting.  Bastards.]

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  1. I interviewed once to be an author's assistant, so I bought a few of her books in preparation. Problem: The books were about healthy lifestyles and eating habits. Now, every time a book comes out that is in that genre, Amazon emails me to say, "As a customer who once bought XXXX, we think you'll love, 'So, You're a Fucking Fat Ass' and 'Once on the Lips, Forever on Your Pasty White Hips.' "

    With a name like "Amazon," you'd think they'd be less judgy. But no.


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