Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Return of the Migraine

It's back.

Started last night and is a dull throb behind my left eye right now.  Of course, today is the day when I have a billion things to do because I had to quickly juggle and reschedule yesterday when the girl called me from school at 9:15am because she was sick and needed to come home.

Which was fine, I'm certainly not one of those "Stick it out, walk it off, you'll be fine" type of parents.  I'm more the coddle coddle coddle type of parent.  We'll see how this comes out.  [Actually, for all my coddling, she's pretty self-aware & not a baby - probably because the husband is adamant that she not turn out that way, and so tends to toughen her up. Jerk. That's my baby!]

ANYWAY, so I had to reschedule my mammogram for later that morning, and reschedule meetings for today, and blah de blah life.  The minor hilarity was that, because of the impending mammogram, I didn't put on deodorant in the morning [evidently it interferes with the machine? How dumb is the machine that it can't recognize the difference between cancer & Secret? Or is deodorant the machine's kryptonite, rendering it useless?] -

Where was I? Oh, didn't put on deodorant, and then the girl called and got knocked off my game and then I FORGOT to put on deodorant on a 85 degree day [you're welcome, America!] so that this morning at about 5:30, when my head was really pounding, I went to the kitchen to get my icy gel mask for my aching head [love this greatest invention ever] and I spent at least 7 minutes wandering around, sniffing and smelling and wondering WHAT in the world that smell was only to decide fuck it, whatever it is, I don't care, I'll deal with it later, I'm going back to bed.

Whereupon I realized, while walking down the hall, that that smell? Was me.


  1. Okay - yesteday I had a terrible migraine, which is still making me feel nauseated today. We're migraine twins! Man, that's a sad thing to be linked over.

  2. Hope both the headache and the smell are better by now?

    Also, the word verification says, "fleablahs," which feels important and meaningful, but I can't tell why...

  3. Megan, It is sad that that's our link BUT YAY! TWINS! I hate that day after feeling - no head pain but you're still not right. Hope you are better.

    CDG, head is so/so, smell is finally better. Hmmm . . . fleablahs. It's like parasitic ennui for your pets.

  4. Annah - truer words never spoken.


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