Saturday, December 15, 2012

Musical chairs

I'm feeling kind of Christmas spirity to the extent that, since I love me some holiday music and good cheer, I spent lots and lots of dollars on music books.

Tangent time:

There's a store nearby that is dedicated to flutes.  And music.  Now, while I do live in a major metropolitan area, I don't live in one that has, say, 8 million people.  It's a pretty good sized metro area, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who plays the flute.  It's probably me, about 20 adults, a dozen members of the major orchestra and some minor offshoots, and about half of the girls in 4th grade who take flute every year before giving it up because they decided it's more fun to be a flag girl or a cheerleader.

So, this would be a niche market.

Now, knowing that your market is narrow, wouldn't you, oh, I don't know, NOT BE FUCKING ASSHOLES?

Seriously.  My flute instructor and I marvel at how truly fuckish the people who run that music store can be.  I went in once and this was the service I got:

Older lady behind her desk facing me, about 8 feet away from the front desk - Spent the entire time eating a sandwich and looking at her computer, when she wasn't giving me the, "I see you but go fuck yourself if you think I'm talking to you" look.

Other hippy-ish looking lady, hiding behind a shelf of music books - Spent the entire time waving vaguely hither and yon, because "Well, you can just look for yourself and find that specific book."

Young nice girl who was obviously new - Said, "I'm new, so I don't know where everything is, but I'll see if I can help."  She won't last long there.

End tangent:

Anyway, I learned my lesson and ended up ordering a ton of holiday music books online, AND, fortuitously enough, Neil Kramer is having the Seventh Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Concert today. And since I love music and have been looking for a way to expand my repertoire and hold people hostage to listen to me,* I decided to be part of it.

So, I've been practicing my holiday tunes and invite you to listen to my rendition of Home for the Holidays [please be kind, as I have zero technical skills and this is my first effort with iMovie]:

NOTE: The odds are very, very good that this isn't going to work, what with me sucking at technology.  If it doesn't, just give Karen Carpenter's version another listen. Oh! Better yet! Michael Buble's. Mmmmmm.  Buble.
*True story: I told the husband and the girl that I wouldn't mind playing holiday music for senior citizens in nursing homes if I could do it via Skype, because, you know, germs.  They've resigned themselves to seeing me in hell.


  1. I love this SO MUCH. I love seeing the pictures of your life while listening to YOU play such a happy song. This brings me joy today. Thank you for doing this!

  2. I am SO PROUD of you!!!! You played beautifully, first of all. Second, you totally did a slide show in iMovie. LOOOOOOOVE!!

    I really miss you. We have to figure out how to stay in touch. Just because I may have forever lost my ability to blog doesn't mean you can't be in my life, right? Please say, "Right."


    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. You did it, Suni.

    There may be, may just be, hope for the technically challenged.

    Thank you, for being our poster child of NEVER GIVE UP!

    Happy Christmas, sweet friend.


  4. That was awesome! You are really good.


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