Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Movie Time

Today, I decided to do the treadmill, since we are experiencing wretched heat and humidity, which makes me want to become subterranian, except for all that yucky dirt stuff.

When I do the treadmill, I am bored. So I need to do something fun. I used to listen to podcasts on my iPod, but I've found that I need something more stimulating. I once played Ms. PacMan, but we gave the PS1 to my parents for the Kid to play on when she's over there.

So now I watch movies, because I hate commercials. So far, I've watched His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story, and All About Eve. I tried to watch Sense and Sensibility, but I need really talky movies to hold my attention, something where the action is more than a raised eyebrow or the blinking of an eye.

Today, I finished up All About Eve (what a GREAT movie - see it if you haven't already) and started watching La Femme Nikita. Surprisingly, even though there isn't that much dialogue (in the first 1o minutes), it moves pretty well, plus I can read the subtitles while listening to the French and get those moments where they don't translate correctly, which is always fun. Or maybe it's just fun for me.

So that's what I've been watching. Any suggestions?

Also, I covet the clothing in All About Eve. Damn, Edith Head did an amazing job on Bette Davis's clothing, and Charles Le Maire did a fabulous job with Ann Baxter and Celeste Holme.

Didn't they?

Plus, I think I want to get the Even Harrington hair cut. It's similar to the Myrna Loy look. But I can't tell if it's too labor intensive. And by too labor intensive, I mean something beyond running my fingers through it and gooping it up with some hair product. I'm so girly.

Isn't everyone thrilled I posted? I'm full of insight and fun!


  1. Yay! You're here!

    I watched All About Eve a little while back. God I love that bitchy movie. You just want Bette Davis to leap up and take a huge tiger bite outta that scheming little demon!

  2. I love the Eve haircut and -- didn't you say your hair is curly? -- it might be perfect for you. I read Edith Head's autobiography a long time ago and she told an interesting story about the dress Davis wears for the famous "fasten your seatbelts" scene. Evidently, the fitting for that dress was very last-minute and when Bette Davis tried it on, Head panicked. She had gotten the shoulder and neckline measurements wrong and so the sleeves kept falling down. But Bette Davis loved that look and convinced her not to "fix" it. Now I really can't imagine that dress looking any other way. So saucy!

    For watching: how about The Women or The Palm Beach Story?

  3. KathyR - Yay! You're here too!

    I know, I want to just be Bette Davis ALL THE TIME.

    Irene - Yes, my hair is WAY curly. I have a hair appt in a couple of weeks, so we'll see what we can do.

    Also, LOVE that dress. Man - how fabulous would you feel in that dress at, say, the grocery store?

    Thanks for the movie ideas - I haven't seen either one.


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