Monday, October 8, 2007

There, I Said It

I hate my daughter's teacher.

In her school, the kids get the same teacher for 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th and 5th & 6th grades. The classes are split between those grades so there is continuity and the kids get to work with a variety of people not only of their own age.

So far, her 1-4th teachers have been great. The 1&2 was really good for her socially and emotionally, working with the kid until she was able to deal with frustration and perfectionism (somewhat) so she wouldn't melt down every single time something went wrong. Even though she was a flaky teacher (one parent never got her kid's report card), I was happy with her because she loved those kids and really took time to get to know them and see what made them tick and work with them at their speed.

The 3&4 teacher was phenomenal in all aspects. It's easy to see why she was voted teacher of the year several times. Just amazing in all respects, working with the kid on things at which she excelled and particularly working with her on things that were seemingly insurmountable; taking lunch hours to work with her, that kind of thing.

Now, I don't expect every teacher to go to that length, and I know I've been spoiled, but this new teacher . . .

The kid goes to a gifted school. The teacher has never taught in this program before. She's a relatively new teacher, having only taught kindergarten and 1st grade before. Because of budget cuts, the great new teacher from last year was let go because he didn't have enough seniority, so she's here now.

I went to meet her after school on the first week and ended up standing in her classroom for easily 5 minutes before she even acknowledged me. Granted, she was having an important discussion with the other new teacher. About camping. Not school camping. But a trip she took with friends.

Whatever. If you're in the middle of something, just say, "I'll be just a minute," and I'll wait. But c'mon. It's the first week of school and you are blowing off a parent for that? Have you not heard about the parents at this school? They will eat you alive. (Not me. Not yet, anyway. But it looks like soon.) One new teacher left because of the constant questioning/second guessing/disapproval from the parents in her class. Right now, I want to find out who those parents are and get some tips from them.

Then, I hear from the kid that the teacher has kindergarten and first grade reading materials in the classroom for the kids to read. Also, she keeps comparing (not favorably) her students to the kindergarteners she used to teach.

A bunch of other stuff that just rubs me the wrong way.

Finally, I was reading over last week's weekly newsletter she sent home. Rife with spelling and grammatical errors - may favorite being "We're most gracious" for the parents who sent in supplies. Most gracious. Seriously.

So, I'm not pleased. I'm trying to give it a shot. I'm not saying anything to the kid about it. I AM saying stuff to the husband.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to be one of "those" parents, but I find myself seeing red when I think about the fact that my kid is going to be in this class all year. Ugh.


  1. You might as well be one of those parents, although it may not do you any good.

    Maybe because you haven't been one of those parents before, it will have more meaning if/when you become one?

  2. Maybe. I just hate that I have to deal with that. I'm not good on confrontation for my own issues (But I'm great at advocating for others! Self esteem? Not so much).

    I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet.


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