Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday. It's Better Than Nothing.

I went swimming this morning (I love swimming indoors when it's 28 degrees. God bless civilization.) and it was fun, except for the very young kid (I'd say 5/6 - 10 years old) swim meet and the SHRIEKING girls in the shower who would NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP. Gah. Stupid kids.

While I was out, I stopped at the market and bought myself some things I like to eat. This sounds innocuous, yes? Not really. I tend not to purchase things I enjoy. Or ask for them. Very sad, but true. So, after E spoke firmly last night reminding me of this defect in my personality ("Why the fuck won't you just tell me what you want and then have it?"), I thought, you know what? WHY DON'T I? (I know the reasons I don't. Or didn't.) So I've decided to get stuff I like. It was VERY HARD, though. I found myself justifying the purchase of a wedge of parmesan ($5) because I'm going to make lasagna for E's birthday and not just use it on my salads (mmmm . . . shaved parmesan). Still, I didn't buy anything specifically for E or the girl. That's progress. And next time I go to Target? I'm buying baked Doritos.

I just finished a 5 hour study session with a friend. I like studying with other people, because then I'm not always to blame for taking breaks!

Back to the grind.


  1. You totally deserve shaved parmesan. Stop telling yourself you don't.

    End of lecture.

    I was always way too anti-social to study with other people. That and the whole "waiting till the last minute so that I have to cram like a madwoman 24/7" thing.

    Good luck!

  2. Way to go!!! You NEED shaved parmesan!


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