Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's Saturday Already?

The Child is ill - she finally caught the flu that was infesting her school. I'm exhausted and only hoping that I'm tired and not coming down with the same.

The Girl used to get night terrors when she was small, and she still hallucinates when she spikes a fever. That shit is terrifying when you are woken from a deep (if disjointed) sleep. She generally sleeps with me when she's sick (because she attempted to make a break for it during one session of hallucinations - headed right for the front door, she did, insisting it was time to get out and we had to be reaaaallllyy quiet), so I don't get much sleep and it makes my reaction time really slow.

This morning, she was standing by the side of the bed, slamming her hands on the mattress, asking me, "But gooblly terttraticly tarranta?" It took a few seconds to realize she wasn't, in fact making sense. For a moment, I thought I forgot how to speak English. I finally got her settled ("But we'll share the universe, right?") and changed out of her soaked through p.j.s before falling into another disjointed slumber.

I wanted to head out to FINALLY get some glasses (and this awesome wool/cashmere coat that's massively on sale and I'm kicking myself for not buying), but I'm so tired. I need a personal shopper. And a nap


  1. We'll share the universe?

    Do you guys have some sort of evil cartoon plot going?

  2. Mwaaaahhhaaaahhaa.

    I mean. No. Not at all.


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