Friday, February 22, 2008

A Title Goes Here

So the parent frenzy because of the fire has been mad-crazy. I've only gotten mass emails and second hand crap from my good friend who is PTA president (She is sooooo loving that), and it has simply reinforced my belief that parents are fucking crazy when it comes to their kids and I am NOT going to volunteer to be the point person ever ever ever again.

E has been hilarious - I've forwarded information and emails to him, and he's all, "I'm sorry, did I miss something? Did somebody die? OR WAS IT JUST A BUILDING FIRE WHEN NOBODY WAS THERE? And now they are moving to a new school with AIR CONDITIONING?" I can't wait until the parent meeting!

In other news, I'm starting to have anxiety about:
  • Finding a job
  • My stupid federal courts class which makes my brain hurt to even think about - I know NOTHING about that class. I even met with the prof for an hour and STILL have no idea how to apply anything.
  • My lack of activity - being sick drained me and now I need to get back in action because evidently my body sees sickness as No Exercise = GAIN 5LBS! WTF? I had the FLU. Who gains weight when they have the flu?

I did have a hilarious conversation with a friend of mine where we discussed how we enjoying the stretching of yoga, but NOT the "Just relax and let it go" part. We both feel that letting it go is dangerous because what will you do without the stress? Won't your body fall apart without that ball lodged in your chest? And what if it doesn't come back and you are left with a hole in your soul? HUH? WHAT THEN, YOGA MASTER?

In other crazy news, I have actually managed to take my meds from being sick. This is huge. Granted, there were a couple of days when I skipped a dose because I was nervous about something and afraid that my nerves would exacerbate the medication and kill me (because I believe that is a side effect of amoxicillin - DO NOT TAKE WHILE NERVOUS, THIS WILL KILL YOU is on a yellow label on my pill bottle). Still. I'm taking my meds! Today amoxicillin. Tomorrow, crazy pills? Who knows!

I am kind of migraine-y though. That does not bode well for the day. I hope it's not from the amoxicillin.

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