Sunday, March 9, 2008

I HATE Cats. I Really Do.

Friday I took the girl to the doctor since she's had this dry cough for about a month (I am ALWAYS on top of stuff - once I didn't take her to the doctor when she had a fever for about 4 days. The nurse gave me a "I'm calling DSS RIGHT NOW look" for that one.) and after much pestering from my mother, I worked my way through the fuck-fest that is trying to make an appointment and got her in.

She didn't see her regular Dr., but another random one. He was nice. Brisk. Efficient. We were in and out really quick, which made me happy.

Turns out it's her allergies (which I kind of forget she has - usually in spring and/or fall she'll get really congested and I end up taking her to the Dr. who says - give her zyrtec or claritin - and I go, oh, yeah, she's got allergies!). So I changed the furnace filter (which was DISGUSTING) and cleaned the whole fucking house and bitched about the stupid ass shedding cats and vacuumed and changed and washed all her bedding and worked really hard not to open the door and kick the cats out.

I hate them. I'm now on a mission to keep them off anything fabric laden. It's easier to get rid of cat hair by swiffering hardwood floors than it is to vacuum the same spot over and over and OVER trying to get rid of disgusting cat hair. Also, they are irking me with their lazy cat ways. THEY should be dusting or swiffering or vacuuming, not me.

How hard is it to shave a cat?

Then my friend came over yesterday and we played rock band and devised ways to further disrupt a particular law school class (set up an email account in another friend's name [who NEVER talks in class] and email the professor all sorts of questions about the topic; stage a fight over some ridiculous legal principle; start calling each other on our cells) because we are adults and that kind of thing is a lot of fun.

Now I'm debating finishing the laundry and trying to figure out what nail color I want and also what kind of hair cut I want - I finally made a hair appointment. I'm thinking of growing my hair out, like this:

or even like this:

but then part of me wants this:

Or maybe part of me just wants to be Annie Lennox.


  1. In the '80s, I would have KILLED for curly hair like that. Instead, I killed my hair by perming and highlighting it. Every time I shook my head, a little rain of broken hairs would come down. My hair's more like Annie Lennox's, but I don't like that, either. Hmph. Never happy.

  2. "How hard is it to shave a cat?"

    Funny you should ask. We just had our cat shaved two days ago. I'd post pix if only I could find the darn cable that connects the camera to the computer. Anyway, it was very easy to do. We took him to the groomer and she shaved him. He looks hilarious but he seems to be feeling much better now that his fur isn't all matted & nasty.

  3. I always assumed I'd have the hair length issue settled by this point in my life. Hasn't happened. I'm at an age where it might be my last chance to have big, long, boldly colored stripper hair and I've decided that's what I'm going for. Sorta my own mid-life crisis.

    "They are irking me with their lazy cat ways" -- loved that sentence.

  4. KathyR - So now I have 80s hair??? Oi. I can't imagine the pain of perming and highlighting. I'm sure you're rocking the AL look.

    Julie - Seriously? That can be done? I'm DEFINITELY checking that out.

    Irene - Awesome! I need photos of the stripper hair!


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