Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a List!

So usually I lurk at most blogs, because I use Bloglines and it's just easier to go, "Hey, yeah! I totally agree!" then actually click on a link and make the same comment on the blog. Also, that's just a stupid comment.

Anyway, at Friday Style, there's a list making frenzy about basic/must have wardrobe items, and since I love lists, and I've been thinking mightily about my wardrobe, I thought I'd join in.

Here's my list of my basic/must have wardrobe items:

1. A black (and brown) suit. Good for interviews. Good for a job. Good for a funeral. Nothing like multi-purposing things.

2. Slate blue sweater set. I can wear the shell with each suit, plus the whole thing with other random khaki or black or grey pants. I love this sweater set, even though I am NOT a fan of sweater sets.

3. Black sweater. I have a couple of these - various necklines (deep v and then deeper v) and various materials (cotton and silk). Perfect with my . . .

4. Khaki pants. My favorite pair have a slight hole just above the knee, and I still can't get rid of them.

5. Black zip up cardigan. I wear this ALL THE TIME. I hate even putting it in the wash unless I know the black load is going to be done right away.

6. French blue button down shirt. Works with the suits and the zip cardigan and the khakis and with . . .

7. Black pants. My staple. I wear these a lot.

8. Grey a-line skirt. I love this skirt because it's got this cool bias stitching on it. Works with pretty much everything, including . . .

9. Magenta sweater. Great on a cloudy day.

10. Scarves. I keep a scarf or two tucked in my bag because I CONSTANTLY drip when I eat. Maybe a bib would be better.

Anyway. I think I dress pretty boring right now, but I'm making steps to dressing more fun.

What's on your list?


  1. You're going to be a lawyer. None of that "dressing fun" stuff!

  2. But if I'm a GOVERNMENT lawyer . . . yeah, probably not then, either. Boo.


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