Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

  • I love listening to streaming radio, yet cannot tolerate regular radio stations. I couldn't think of why, and then I realize: Ah, the fucking idiot djs. That's it. Also, no commercials for Big Bob's Used Car Lot. And I can choose what format I want (right now, on iTunes Fresh Air student radio from University of Edinburgh).
    • So I guess it's no big surprise that I can't handle regular radio.
  • I went to the opera this weekend, and it was fun and weird. Fun, because I went with a friend and she was a hoot. Weird, because I saw someone I know only slightly, chatted with her for a moment, and then it turned out she was sitting 2 seats down from me. How does that happen? What butterfly flapped its wings?
  • Oh, the opera was pretty good, too.
  • We've been playing Rock Band, and I'm the singer. I have the hardest time with songs by the Ramones and the Clash. Explain, please, how I can't sing with the atonal? When my voice is equally as bad as Joey Ramone's?
    • How do you get more difficulties? Play at medium or play harder songs?
  • I have 1 paper and 3 exams coming up.
    • I have ZERO interest in any of these things.
      • I want to lay around and reread Stephen King's IT.
        • Because clowns are fucking scary.
  • Fuck it. I'm going to the library to get the book.

Smell ya later.


  1. Count me out for clowns + scary.

    Maybe you should be the drummer...

  2. This post gave me the giggles, and I SO needed them today. :)

  3. Kathy - It is creeping me out, but I can't stop reading. And maybe I should be the drummer.

    Tracy - glad I could help!


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