Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's up?

Well, I had every intention of publishing almost every day. And then I got sick - a horrific flu-type thing with ear infections (if I'm going out, I'm doing it big) and then I had to catch up on everything since I spent 2 1/2 days laying on the couch watching dvds (Office Space/Clueless/Scrubs/Casablanca) and trying to make out what the people were saying since I couldn't hear anything.

I'm feeling better now, and can hear pretty well, although I'm getting a painful cracking in my left ear. I hope it goes away soon, because I do not want to go to the doctor again. It's too aggravating. I was on hold 20 minutes trying to make an appointment. I'll be honest, I'm surprised more people don't go apeshit in doctor's offices.

So, in keeping with my "WHAT THE FUCK?" kind of world, the other day, I'm walking on a very public city street, in downtown College City, going to work, when I see on the sidewalk: clumps of human hair. Not tumbleweeds, like from a hairbrush. Swatches. Like someone was behind a person who was walking really slow and got impatient and pulled out his or her hair cutting scissors and took off a couple hunks of hair. The color is a reddish brown and the clumps have been there since Monday. Explain, please.

Other than that, I've not got much. We watched Idiocracy and Man on Fire and I'll just say, don't waste your time.


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