Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Party's (Almost) Over

Break ends for the girl tomorrow - it's back to school time. I have one more week off, but I'll be working for two days this week. And writing a couple of papers, so that I don't have to do them at the end of the semester. And looking for a post-grad job. And call the furnace people again to set up an appointment because it's rumbly. And meeting up with friends. So there's some good there, too. We'll see what other stuff I get to. I've only watched the first Buffy disc, so . . .

We still have out holiday decor up. No one's been in the mood to take it down (or dust/vacuum/swiffer). I think it looks nice. It may all just stay up. We'll be quirky!

The husband got me a bluetooth headphone (I know, I know, but it is strictly for use in the car, I swear) and it's defective. There's a loose connection or something, because it won't even charge. So now I have an errand instead of a gift. Joy. I'm so sick of shoddy quality. Can't I get something that actually works? Would that be possible? Fuckers. And I know this wasn't cheap because he purchased it at the Apple Store. Fuckers again.

10 days until the girl's birthday - and 13 days until her party. I'm tired just thinking about it. I'd like to tell her that this is it, but because I am a sucker, I know we'll keep having them for her. This year is all about music, which shouldn't be too bad. There will be Rock Band and Karaoke and, if they want, creating CD covers. And the kids are old enough that they don't need constant monitoring, which is all manners of awesome.

I'm adding to my New Year's Resolutions. Besides my original Be More Positive [which is going gangbusters, by the way!], I'm adding Think Less About Needing Money and My Crippling Debt Load and Be Calmer. Aim high. That's what I'm doing.

As an interesting side note: I found our family's motto - "The maxim, 'Nothing prevails but perfection,' may be spelled PARALYSIS." Winston Churchill. We as a family are crippled by this. And need to get over ourselves.

The husband and I are watching Season II of the Tudors [we have not seen Season I yet. We're off Netflix because those fuckers would take their goddamn sweet time sending us DVDs, so instead, we went to digital cable with a billion channels. Fair enough trade so far. Except we may have to rent Tudors I from Blockbuster.]. We spent the first episode with husband's 1982 encyclopedias surrounding us, looking up Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII, Mary [Bloody and Queen of Scots] and the rest. So far, it's pretty good, although I have slept through most of episodes 4 & 5 [not my fault, we started watching them at 11:30p.m. On different nights.]. We were both mildly disappointed, though. The ads led us to believe there would be much more nakedness and fucking, and frankly, I was not getting enough of Jonathon Rhys Meyers. Until ep5, where he was full back-al naked. That kind of made up for it.

Also, did you know that Ann Boleyn was not attractive [according to the encyclopedia] but was very flirtatious. Husband thinks that means she did crazy sex stuff. Could be true.

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