Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Makes Me Smile.

It was Clinique Bonus Time and I was in dire need of a red lipstick. So I went to the store and tried a few slightly differing shades. It's been a while since I wore really red lipstick, but it used to be my staple and E shouldn't be the only one who is having a midlife crisis. So I ended up buying one, but when I got it home and tried it, I looked like a clown. So I had to go back and oh my god this is the most boring blog post ever in humanity.

In more entertaining news, I went to game night at a friend's house and one of the people who regularly shows up brought someone new. Someone who sucked so bad that EACH AND EVERY OTHER PERSON PRESENT wanted to punch her in the face. Or some other bodily area. She was wretched. But of course, we all tried to be polite and exacted our revenge in countless petty ways, like rigging games so that she would lose. Because we are adults. She is not allowed to return. And that person is not allowed to bring anyone else unless that individual has been vetted.

Also this past weekend, we attended Are You Kidding Me Yet Another Science Night at the Girl's school, which is like a Debutant Ball for nerds. Because I am a sucker, I agreed to help out, while making it clear that I could not stay to clean up because I had other plans. But really because I hate cleaning.

So I was stuck at the LAMEST of the tables, helping kids find out what happens when you put pennies in cups of water. ***SPOILER***The water spills out of the cup!! WOW! There was something about surface tension, but who gives a shit, really? I was bored out of my mind and had a hard time selling what I was doing. I also had horrific gas. So it was win win.

Seriously, though. Those kids are nerds. One kid spent I cannot even tell you how long just COUNTING the number of pennies he was putting in the cup. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. His mother stopped by the table briefly, asked me what he was doing, and when I said, "Counting", she said, "Oh, yeah, he does that all the time." AND THEN SHE LEFT. WITHOUT KID COUNTS-A-LOT!

Gah. I hate kids. And their parents.

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