Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Matter of Taste

I've been loving our DVR. I don't watch commercials anymore unless I am forced to watch something IN REAL TIME, which sucks on an astral level. Seriously, I get twitchy and even more angry than usual when I push the stupid button on the remote and nothing happens and I'm stuck watching that fucking Walmart rube talk about how she doesn't need a piece of chalk to measure her kids' growth[?], all she needs is . . . her stupid ass daughter giving up the hotel on Boardwalk to her idiot son who is broke and a whiny bastard and who has yet to learn that the entire fucking point of Monopoly is to have someone go broke and go out so that you can say, "Hey, let's just see who has the most money and call it quits," because my god, Monopoly blows. [I hate that family and that woman so much, I initially wrote that she was a fucking see you next Tuesday, but I'm trying to tone down the swearing at the girl's request, so I edited that out. But I hate her and the whole measure growth with chalk thing so much that that I had to write about the fact that I wanted to call her such a vile, vile name. For some reason, I think she's a homeschooler and creationist. I get that vibe.]

Also, I can skip through the boring parts of t.v. shows, too.

Which brings me to Mad Men. Everyone raves about this show, so I DVR'd it and it was taking up massive amount of space on the DVR and in my psyche because I could barely make myself watch it.

Sweet Jesus, that show is boring beyond all fucking comprehension. Yes, the style is great, but I have need of a story that makes me give a shit, not just looking at cool suits and pretty dresses and watching people smoke [yum, I miss smoking]. And thus far, nothing in that show has made me care one iota about what happens to anyone. Not even a little bit.

I keep trying and it keeps sucking, so I finally yesterday just deleted all of it from the DVR. I feel much better now. So long as that bitch from Walmart keeps her fucking mouth shut.

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