Friday, September 18, 2009

Mmmm . . . soft making and it smells good, too!

I love this hand cream from Aveda:

I love it so much I actually spent $19 on a tiny bottle. Which, for as much as I wash my hands during the day, seems like/is a ridiculous amount of money for something that stays on my hands for about .2 seconds a shot.

BUT. My hands get so fucking dry that they crack and I get painful little cuts which HURT HURT HURT, and this cream helps a lot. And it's got a nice citrusy smell. Way better than the boring no smell of Lubriderm Sensitive Skin.

I don't know why I just gave an unpaid review, but I had nothing else to talk about!

O.k., time to go play BEATLES ROCK BAND! KICK ASSSSSS!!!

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