Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things that don't work and how they annoy me

Thing That Doesn't Work:
Oven: For the second time in 10 years, the pilot thingy has collapsed in on itself like a supernova and now I have no oven. [This stopped working right about 4 weeks ago.]

How This Annoys Me:
We've been grilling and using the toaster oven for small, necessary things, like cheesesticks. Do you know how many things you NEED to bake/roast/reheat when you don't have an oven? A zillion. [My mom suggested just turning on the gas and tossing in a match. Um. No.]

Second Thing That Doesn't Work:
Dishwasher: The racks have rusted through and ruined all my dishes.

How This Annoys Me:
Do you know how much it costs to get new racks? $185 + tax + shipping & handling PER RACK. So now I need a new dishwasher, too.

Third Thing That Doesn't Work:
Motion sensored kitchen trash can: Started spasmodically opening and closing about a month after I got it from Costco.

How This Annoys Me:
After finally finding a garbage can that was made for germophobes, to have it spazz out like that? Cruelty, pure and simple. Plus, now I have to return something, which is UBER annoying.


  1. Per rack?! Depending on how many racks we're talking, you could get a new dishwasher for that. OK, not a really cool dishwasher, but still.

  2. yes! Per fucking rack! I priced dishwashers and they are not much more [not the super cool ones, but a decent one!].

    How are you? Busy? HOT?


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