Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is AWESOME

I finally broke down and got a white board calendar for the office to keep track of what is going on for the 3 of us. This is in addition to the kitchen calendar [from Greenfield Village] and the other office calendar my mother-in-law gave my daughter. Plus my planner, the girl's planner, the husband's planner and my iPhone's calendar.

We like to keep track of stuff.

Anyway, on the whiteboard, the girl and I have been making up month names. Baracktober; Juneteenth; The Most Wonderful Time of the Year [that was September, for the start of school]; you get the idea. It's hard to do after a while. For a couple of days, this month was The Month That Came Next. Sad, really. It's now The Spooky Month. WHICH I LOVE.

Because I love horror movies. I really do. I love getting scared and worrying about whether my doors are locked and checking behind the shower curtain every time I go to the bathroom because you NEVER KNOW who might be lurking there.

Recently, the husband and I watched The Strangers and that movie seriously scared the shit out of me. I had to stop the movie a couple of times because it was so fucking creepy. People in doll masks? Always menacing. People who stand still outside your window . . . I just gave myself chills.

After watching it, the husband and I actually discussed arming ourselves. THAT'S how fucking creepy it is.

I think the best part is that there was little gore or violence, but TONS of creepiness through little actions - a lost cell phone, a doorbell ringing, that kind of thing.

I really want to watch it again. Maybe all the way through this time!

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