Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekday Update

It's been a busy holiday season already:

* Still haven't finished decorating! And while technically am not christian, I do enjoy glitter and sparkle!

* Still am waiting on delivery of new stove! [tomorrow, and please please please let there not be a dent in it like last time!]

* Have tennis elbow, though have not actually played tennis since mid 1990s. [was terrible even then]

* Had ridiculously awkward/hilarious/horrible sex talk with daughter. God, you must have kids if only to be able to go through that. I'm still giggling.

* Realized I did NOT, in fact, purchase holiday cards last year at a discount, and so must shell out some cash for cards now.

* Lost much money to family during Thanksgiving Bingo.

* Watched The Outsiders, and it was even more horrible than I remembered. [painfully bad. Really. painful.]

* Have not had snow, but it's in the forecast, and I'm not really looking forward to it. If I didn't hate the heat, humidity and racism so much, I'd so move south.

* Realized that I stripped the bed today and all my non-flannel sheets are in the dryer, and that means I have to make the bed before I go to sleep. CRAP.

* Made delicious cheese straws for the first time. In the toaster oven. Still, tasted v. good. Will try again when I have a real stove.

* Put up lights out in front yard, even though I have no outlet in front yard. Must now wait for husband to run extension cord from backyard outlet. Or hire electrician to magically make an outlet out front [could do myself, but the outlet is kind of under the deck, and there are bugs there. Also, possibly possums.]. Hmmm . . . which will happen first?

* Can't think of a stinking thing to get husband for xmas or his birthday. Boo.

Am off to make bed and then lay in it. Yum.

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