Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dashed Expectations

So I went and got my hair colored and cut. Finally. I ended up going to a place nearby and there verdict is: Meh. Not so great.

I have super curly hair, which seems to be beyond the scope of most people to cut. I specifically ask for a stylist who cuts curly hair and then I tell them, "Please note that my hair will shrink by HALF when you cut it," and then I show them a picture of what I want my hair to look like, and then I generally end up with someone who cuts my hair too short and dries it to look like a giant mop. Or an old lady. Or they want to blow it out straight, which, o.k. every once in a while, but I never do that myself, so I need to see what my hair looks like when I'd just let it dry normally.

The last woman who cut my hair no longer works at the salon I go to [because I am going back there for color, not back to this place that was LAME LAME LAME. Well, it was fine. The people were nice, the color came out nice, except she didn't rinse it enough and I ended up with traces of color all over my white towel and she got my face AND back wet when she was shampooing me . . . really? That was shitty.] so I need someone who can cut curly hair.

Which shouldn't seem like such a big deal, but it has become the overriding concern of my life.

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