Saturday, January 9, 2010

The girl turns 13 this week. THIRTEEN! Holy shit! A teenager! In my house!

Anyway, I'm trying to cone up with gifts. One idea is a magazine subscription.

We already get Marie Claire ($5 deal with something else, I forget what) and she gets Muse, Nat Geo, and Game Informer.

While MC is definitely adult, I like it miles better than other chick mags, & I let the girl read it (edited, of course). But I want to get her a teen girl mag. Man, they are horrible. Somehow worse to me than adult chick mags
I'm thinking Teen Voices. Maybe Girl's Life.

Any suggestions? Besides Tiger Beat?


  1. I love Oprah magazine, no joke, it gives me inspiration, but, not sure THE GIRL would like it? When is her birthday? My brother's birthday is tomorrow, he turns 30.

  2. J, her birthday is 1/14. How awesome that your brother's is so close.

    I actually got my mom a subscription to Oprah's mag, so the girl can get it from her.


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