Saturday, January 16, 2010

So I've been driving 45 minutes one way to get my hair cut & colored for the past 2 years. For one year it was not a big deal, because the salon is in the city I worked in. I was there anyway so an extra hour or two for cut & color not an issue. Plus, I have horrible anxiety so when something works I stick with it. I love the stylist. I love the salon. I love the no tipping policy because money is very very tight.

Except. I hate to drive. And I especially hate to drive on the winter. So it's been a constant struggle with making & cancelling appointments & debating driving out versus just finding another salon nearby.

I had an appointment this morning. I ended up cancelling because I didn't want to drive AND the husband has to work today AND the girl is having her birthday party today which is a slumber party for TEN OTHER GIRLS and I needed to get stuff ready.

But mostly I didn't want to drive.

And now, after making calls & worrying about color matching and sweet Jesus how expensive is this? I can't get back in to see my stylist for like 2 weeks.

Stupid problem, but it is fucking making me mental.


  1. I'm assuming that with all those girlies partying at your house you pulled out all of your hair & no longer have this problem. ;-)

  2. They were actually surprisingly FINE! I could not believe it.

    So I still have the hair problem and it's starting to become overwhelming. I may need a nap.


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