Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here's what happened today

Remember when I told you about how, when I go work out, the people next to me seem drawn to talk to me NON-STOP?  I'd link to the post, but I'm lazy.  So lazy that I almost left a penny in the bottom of the washing machine because I didn't feel like leaning in and picking it out.

Anyway, I went through my little workout circuit [no vertigo on the treadmill today!  SCORE!] and ended up on the Nu Step [because if I'm going to step, I'm sitting down while doing it.  I'm working out, not training for the Olympics] with an old man next to me.  [It's NOT an old person machine.  I just seem to end up working out when all the old people are working out.  Also, my city is full of old people.]  I focused on my book [Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking" - not bad, but not her best], but could see his reflection in the mirror wall in front of us, kind of looking at me. 

AND THEN . . .

The iPod wearing-guy on the elliptical machine behind us STARTED SINGING AND CHECKING HIMSELF OUT IN THE MIRROR. 


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