Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

 I'm watching the last three episodes of The Vampire Diaries.  Man, I love me some Damon:

The Girl and I watch this sporadically.  Meaning, we'll DVR it, and then watch it while we're doing other stuff.  And while we're watching it, I'll talk about how fucking awesome Damon is [leaving out the fucking part, obviously; I have some parenting standards.  When I remember.], and she'll get on her moral high horse about how he just kills people, but DUH, he's a VAMPIRE, the whole point of his existence is killing people.

He also is way handsomer and cooler than the supposed main guy, his dork-o brother Stefan.

 Gah.  See?  Damon is WAY better.  Who cares about Stefan and his holier-than-thou I won't drink human blood superiority complex?  He's such an Edward Cullen - type douche.

Wow, I can get invested, can't I?

Anyway, I tell you this to tell you my new favorite phrase that I plan on working into conversation as much as possible:

If I had a good side, this would not be how you get on it.

That, of course, is said by badass Damon, who is AWESOME not only at killing jerkwads but also at delivering killing quips.  He's multi-talented!

Today I also had my Donna Reed on:

I made:
I think I'm done cooking for the week.


  1. OK, I didn't understand the majority of this post, because I haven't seen "Vampire Diaries" or "Twilight." But I think I've got the gist of it: You heart Damon.

    Do you watch "Lost"? The dude who has won your heart plays Boone on the series. He's dreamy.

    P.S. "Handsomer" should def be a real word.

  2. Oh, Alone. How I envy the fact that your soul hasn't been sullied by the horror that is Twilight.

    I slogged through the first book and about 10 pages of the second [because my daughter NEEDED TO READ IT and my friend said IT'S SO GOOD] before I finally released myself from the misery.

    It is truly horrific. The movie, the books, the actors, the concept. It's BAD. SPARKLY VAMPIRE BAD. Sub-harlequin romance writing bad. Just bad.

    Did I mention it's bad?

    I have not watched Lost, but you better believe I'm going to start. He is so dreamy . . .

  3. Yes, yes Twilight bad! Vampire Diaries good! Although I haven't read either series in book form. I just LOVE to drool over Damon and then look him up on the internet and see if he's still single, ya know just in case, perhaps we run into each other and he falls in love with me so much he hits me over the head with a tree and I have amnesia and I forget all about my spouse and kid and we run away together and I get to look at his dreamy yumminess all day every day. He doesn't even need to speak.


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