Thursday, April 8, 2010


  • So today I took the Girl to the dentist.  She has 2 cavities, one on each side of her mouth, and needs to have them filled at 2 separate appointments. These are her first cavities, and I wanted to commemorate the importance of the occasion.  So I bought her an ice cream cone after.  What?  I'm paying for fillings anyway, might as well get my money's worth.
  • Every time I go to the rec center to work out, I end up getting chatted up by whomever is on the machine next to me.  I try not to be annoyed.  I mean, I know how hard it is to strike up a conversation.  I know it's not easy to put yourself out there.  And that's fine.  I'm usually o.k. with a few words of conversation, but then things start getting blah blah blah and really, all I want to do is read my book [just finished Through the Heart, good recommendation for working out from my good friend] but I try and listen and talk and, unfortunately, a lot of the time, I have nothing to add to what turns out to be either a monologue or a series of awkward questions.  I'm trying to come up with a nice way to finish a conversation you didn't start and don't want to be a part of. Without sounding like a complete bitch.  Because, you know, what with the hard to begin a conversation.
  • The Girl's oldest cat [about 10 years old now] was walking around the house yesterday with a wad of poop on her rear flank.  I was so disgusted and so pissed because she [the cat, not the Girl; the Girl was over at her friend's (I'm assuming scat-free) house] kept running around the house escaping from me, that I was v. v. close to opening the door and letting her shit up the great outdoors forever.  The Girl finally came home and caught the cat and cleaned her and then disinfected the house.  I figured this was a double lesson:  1) Your pet, your mess; 2) Good training for when I am old and incontinent and in full-stage Alzheimers and she has to take care of me before putting me in the good nursing home.  Yes.  I have it picked out already.
  • OMG Did you hear that Tiger Woods is playing softball?  Or badminton?  Or golf or something?  WOW.  
  • My mom has spring cleaned her house.  I'm wondering how much I'd have to pay her to clean my house.  And then I'm wondering how much I can psychically afford to pay her by listening to how dirty my house is. I'm not sure I can afford it.


  1. At the gym, the key is prevention. You have to stop the conversation BEFORE it starts. I put in my white iPod earbuds (yes, I'm a lemming) before I arrive. People assume I'm listening to music. What they don't know? I'm not. I don't even bring my iPod with me. I just run the wire from my ears into a pocket in my hoodie, or sometimes the waistband of my pants. No one's the wiser. You're welcome.

  2. Brilliant! I never thought to do that because I am having iTunes issues (man, is that another profanity laden post). I think I'll scrounge up some gigantor headphones and see how that works. Maybe like the guys at the airport wear!


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