Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good things coming! A blog post in several acts

So for the past week or so, I've been working with Andygirl on something super cool.  It's going to launch in a bit - later tonight, I think - and we can't wait!  It's awesome!  Look for a later post with all the details!


Is there anything more annoying than having your mouse's battery die and not having a stupid AA battery anywhere in the house?  You know what? No.  There is nothing more annoying.  Not even splinters or hangnails or even Jesse on Burn Notice.  Wait. I stand corrected.  Jesse on Burn Notice is way more annoying.  I hate him.  Truly.  He is ruining the show.


On the positive side, I spent about an hour drawing with the girl.  We haven't done that in a while, which is weird, because as soon as she could clutch a crayon in her fist, we were ALL ABOUT coloring and writing and drawing.  So much so that pretty much all my books have weird stick figures in them courtesy of the girl.  Or there are pages where she's colored in the text.  It's kind of nice, like an archaeological dig through her artistic evolution.


The husband and I have been watching Northern Exposure, and we realized that the show was originally on in 1990. Which we remember distinctly.  We are old.  Also, our wedding song came from that show - Etta James's At LastJoel and Maggie danced to it.  So romantic.  Joel and Maggie, I mean.  The husband and I are not super romantic.  We tend to show affection through mockery. It's worked so far.


Oh, you know what else is more annoying than a dead mouse battery? Julia Roberts.  She is a wretched actress and I am waiting for people to finally realize this.  Thanks for wasting an issue of Entertainment Weekly, assholes.  Maybe next week we can read more about Twilight.  Jesus.  I'm not renewing that subscription.


  1. no, I hate Julia Roberts too. she is going to ruin Eat Pray Love. I just know it.

    and yay!

  2. I agree with you Julia Roberts is so annoying. Ugh. Also, isn't it a bit screwed up that young girls say "Pretty Woman" is their favorite movie? It's about a hooker people! Jeez! That's like me saying Debbie Does Dallas is my all time fav. And so what if it is..I'm an adult.

  3. Andygirl - I swear, she ruins EVERY movie. All of them.

    Tonya - I cannot fathom how young girls think a hooker movie is romantic. It's disheartening. Also, hahahaha, Debbie Does Dallas.


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