Monday, August 9, 2010

And the finalists are . . .

Thank you. All of you.

Thanks so much for entering your amazing, gorgeous summertime photos in our Raw Photos Contest. We could not be more thrilled or delighted or stunned by how hard a choice it was to come up with our finalists.

These are [in no particular order] our finalists, the photos that collectively, Andygirl and I thought best exemplified the Last Days of Summer. Gorgeous, aren't they?

And because my HTML skills are sorely lacking, I'm just going to write about how much I like each one and hope it syncs up with

I love, love, LOVE the color in this one. It's bone melting, isn't it?

By bee3six5:

key west (54)

This is simply gorgeous and I can smell the chlorine.

By nessavay:

work summer party :: staying cool

Wow. Beautiful, lacy, dainty. I'm waiting for a bee to buzz right over to this flower. I can almost smell it. [Does this type of flower have a smell? I'm going to think it does. Slightly sweet and powdery.]


A Little Happiness

I love this one. The smell of cotton candy, the wind whipping you as you plummet down the roller coaster.

Wildwood, NJ

I love the sun glinting on the metal here. I can almost smell the heat.

La Tour Eiffel--Piece of Sun

Oh. My. God. So gorgeous. So. Gorgeous.

By CholeJB


The crack of the bat. Running on the grass. Trying to spot the ball in the sunlight. Mmmmm.


So these are our finalist. Andygirl and I are going to spend a night making a painfully hard decision on the winner.  Which one did you love? They're all so AMAZING.  We'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone for making our inaugural Raw Photos Contest so wonderful.  We couldn't have done it without you.


  1. I've already said I love @cholejb's but I also love the baseballs and the roller coaster. All3 are very summer to me.

    I like this game. I take terrible photos but I like this game.

  2. I LOVE the little girl washing her hands. So beautiful. I wish I could get my son to do that. Instead I just have to relish in the fact that others can get theirs to do it.
    Also, the bar has been set pretty high with these fab photos! WOW!


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