Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summertime and you'd think the living would be easy. You would be mistaken.

You know what I love to make on a 90 degree day?  PASTA.  HOT, STICKY PASTA.  And baked chicken.  And garlic bread.  Screw you, nature, I am taking a stand.  A hot, sweaty, dense stand.

I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I planned my dinner menu.  Except that I wasn't thinking.  I should have given it up when my less than one year old oven balked at being turned on at 450 degrees [seriously - best way to bake a chicken? HIGH HEAT.  Sooooo good.  Yum.].  But I am a fan of civilization, and I simply cranked up the AC and turned that oven on to 350 and kept raising the heat.

Luckily, my desk is located right next to the air vent.  Nice and cool.
Of course, I was afraid to go back into the kitchen.

I'm checking the weather for the rest of the week and planning accordingly.  Because I do NOT want to get locked on making roast beef on another 90 degree day just because I decided I that was what for dinner, and peanut butter and jelly just isn't going to cut it.
Plus, I spent the day doing PTA stuff, and while I am a big believer in volunteering and giving back and being involved in my kid's life, I am also kind of tired of the whole school thing.  Probably because I am constantly wanting to say completely inappropriate things and this is unfortunately not a group that swings that way.  To be fair, I have been involved in school related PTA things where there was a group that frequently said fuck and complained bitterly about idiots and loved to be inappropriate on a level usually reserved for frat boys.  Those are my people.  I love them.

I wish I could find them again.


Also, since we're now officially in August, have you taken your Last Days of Summer Photos?  Because you should, and then you should enter the awesometastic Raw Photos Contest.  Do so.  It's awesome.  Seriously.  Awesome.


  1. oh man pasta sounds SO good right now!

  2. Despite the incredible heat and humidity, it was DELICIOUS.


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