Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My sister and I were in Detroit the other day.  I went to school downtown.  I used to work downtown.  I used to hang out downtown [back when I was fun and did stuff and went out at 10pm instead of seeing 10pm and going, "GOD, I'm TIRED" and dozing on people's couches or in the booth at the restaurant or on the dance floor at the bar.  Ha! I don't actually sleep on the dance floor.  But that's only because I haven't been on a dance floor in about three years.  God. I'm sad.  Let's go dancing.]

Anyway, we were downtown and we talked about how different it used to be and how there are some parts, some pockets that are getting better.  But it's a patchwork, really.  One block will be nice, and then next will be full of burned out houses or just an empty field being reclaimed by nature.

Michigan Avenue runs out from Detroit. We took it back home, noticing the big empty field that was Tiger Stadium, the blown out hull that was the train station, but also the slow revitalizing of this area.
What a gorgeous building, right? This should be rehabbed.
Anyway, we were going down Michigan Avenue, remarking on the new faces of some of the buildings, the new businesses that were being built up.

And I noticed this newly built, really big building with pretty brick and arched entryways for parking and hay bales and pumpkins decorating for the fall.  I pointed it out to my sister, "Wow!  Look at that nice building.  Things are improving."

And my sister said, "That's a strip club."


Still.  A really nicely built strip club.  And did I mention decorated for the fall?


What's fall look like where you're at?  Is it all decorated strip clubs, or actual nature?  Show us what you've got - Raw Photos Contest: Autumn Where You Live.


  1. Well, as long as it was a tastefully done strip club.

    And that gorgeous building should be rehabbed. I see a lot of those things in my own city. Old factories that could be made over into loft apartments. Abandoned houses that just need love. I makes me crazy to see new construction instead of fixing existing structures.

    Btw, my own city, Ft. Wayne, IN. Not so far from Detroit.

  2. Whenever I go to an old small town, the first house I always like turns out to be a funeral home. Not sure what that says about me.

  3. i went to detroit a few years back for a business trip. the bones of a really great city are right there, waiting to be fleshed out. i really hope someone does that soon.

    even though i can't understand for the life of me how people survive in places where the air temperature was NEGATIVE EIGHT DEGREES. that was BEFORE windchill. the southern girl was not happy...

  4. You mean the strip club is built like a brick house?

  5. snort. see? the places where money goes get revamped. like strip clubs. snort.

  6. Renee - Oh, yes, Fort Wayne. It's close by, and with a similar dynamic, right?

    GrandeMocha - HA! I know, I'm always impressed at how nice they look!

    Magnolia - It's amazing how beautiful the buildings are that they let rot. However, it is FAR easier to add layers and get warmer than it is to deal with extreme heat. You can only get so naked.

    KathyR - I've read that 4 or 5 times and still burst out laughing!

    Andygirl - RIGHT! Just follow the line of dollar bills.

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