Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Flip Offs - How Sweet It Is

I missed doing this last week, and I've got so much agita built up, I needed to do it again.  So, with little ado, here are things I want to Flip Off this week:

Flip Off Getting Shots:  I hate the fact that I'm supposed to go get a DTap booster and flu shot today.  Even though I've already put this off and rescheduled and I know I need to do it, the odds are still pretty good that I'm going to chicken out and bail. Again.  Which will result in another session of berating myself and worrying about getting sick again.

Flip Off Harsh Bathroom Soap:  At work, or in any public restroom [and yes, I use them A LOT, because I have to pee ALL THE TIME] they use soap that will strip not only dirt and germs from my skin, but also SKIN from my skin, so I'm left with scaly red patches as well as tiny little cuts where the skin has gotten so dry.  There is not enough lotion in the world to deal with this.

And finally:

Flip Off to Volunteer Work:  Sure, it makes you feel good to help others.  But it also makes you crazy when you feel like you are the ONLY ONE who is doing anything to help others.  Volunteer work, a way to hate your fellow man.


  1. I am fully in favor of this concept.

  2. so i hate harsh soap -- dried cracked hands are NEVER in.

    if you get your dtap and flu at the same time your arms will hurt for two days

    i have nothing to say on volunteer work except you are a good person.


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