Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogging Burnout

I don't know if it's the holidays or the cold and icy snow or the fact that my brain seems to have gone on early vacation, but I can't think lately, nonetheless think of something intelligent or fun to say.

So I'm stuck.  Stuck trying to think and failing miserably.

Also, my skin on my knuckle has become so dry it's cracked.  I'd show you a picture, but nobody wants to see that.

And I had a prescription for dry skin, so I was going to put it on, but then it turns out I somehow have TWO cream prescriptions - who knows why? - and I was almost going to put the wrong one on.  I mean, it wasn't poison, or anything, but it wasn't the one I needed.  You'd think with my intense medication anxiety, I'd be A LOT better at keeping track of my meds.

Or I'd get rid of the stuff that expired.

You'd think that.

You'd be wrong.

I also somehow got suckered in to bringing something to my work potluck tomorrow, even though I am not at all interested in eating things prepared by people I don't know, particularly if those people are nice enough, but I wonder about the state of their kitchens.  I'm weird that way.

Anyway, so even though the odds are very, very good that I'll be abstaining from partaking, I'm stopping at the grocery store tomorrow morning on my way into work and buying a pie.  Because I am a team player. Or something.

Go me.

Yeah, so this is what brain tiredness gets you.  Forgive?


  1. Oh, you should've seen me race over here when I read your blog post title on my sidebar.

    Yup, I was driving today and thought the same thing.

    Priorities, Is what I'm thinking.

    I've got to do priorities first.

  2. of course! we've all been there. take as long as you need.

    and maybe buy an extra pie for yourself.

  3. Take your time, we all go through it. And will be here when you're ready for us ;)

  4. i know the feeling. rest should help. and pie. also pie.

  5. Peter Cetera says that "even lovers need a holiday." He's very wise. And it's implied that bloggers need time away, too.


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