Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's On

The Raw Photos Contest is here!  Yes! AGAIN! AND FINALLY!!

This month's contest is a little different in that it's all about . . . YOU. 


Send in YOUR BEST work.

Just like usual, YOU submit your photos.

BUT!  This time, YOU will get to decide which photo is the winner.
It's People's Choice, without all the Justin Beiber! 

Power to the people, indeed.

Submissions start TODAY and will close January 15.  Then next week, you'll be able to vote and PICK THE WINNER!

In case you forgot or are new, here are the rules for submissions. 

Submit photos hereBe sure to caption your work so people can vote!
We can't wait to see them! And to find out who wins!

Questions? Email the Suniverse (thesueniverse at gmail dot com) or Andygirl (awesomecrazylady at gmail dot com)


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  1. i am no photographer. but i decided to be bold and enter a shot... why not. it's fun.


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