Monday, January 31, 2011

You may want to skip this post. It's not funny.

I spent this weekend watching/listening to what's going on in Egypt.

I tend to be on sabbatical when it comes to the news, because I am so fucking tired of feeling so fucking helpless to change anything.

Yes, I voted for Barack Obama, because I hoped for change.  And I got it.  Somewhat.  But not enough to suit me.

And yes, I'll vote for him again, because I know that at least a little bit of the good is better than a lot of the bad.

But it doesn't make this anger and frustration at the status quo go away.  We'd be far better off if, say, Rahm Emmanuel got to say what [& how] he wanted to say stuff and keep people in line rather than move to the center - which is not the center, but actually the right.

How do I know?

Because I'm the center.  I'm not a crazy PETA loving vegan who doesn't believe in personal responsibility [or showering].

I'm a parent who can't believe my kid gets to grow up in a country that is flushing its resources away, a country where the haves are always going to be the haves and the have nots are just going to try and do better but instead end up worse and watch t.v. and eat crappy food to dull the pain of living in a house that keeps losing its value because the neighbors can't afford their house payments anymore because the only jobs are in the service sector and $7/hour does not maintain a family.

So I've been watching what's been going on in Egypt [on Al Jazeera's English channel, which has the husband convinced we're now on some watch list.  Dude, I'm sure we already were.] because I am hopeful that if enough people get sick enough of something they will foment change. That the people in charge will stop thinking about what's best for them, individually [re-election, coalescing their wealth] and think about what's best for everyone.  And that the people who can act do so.

I'm not asking for a revolution, I'm simply asking for people to stop being so selfish. 

I don't think that's a lot.


  1. YES. yes, yes, a thousand times yes. our BIGGEST problem in this country is being selfish. we were watching an ANCIENT rerun of a drew carey comedy special (1991, for heaven's sake), and the punchline of a global warming joke was "screw the grandkids, i'm cold now." my boyfriend chuckled and said, "oh, that's the american attitude summed up." if we could all look past our own noses, it'd be a much better world.

  2. one of my professors once said, "if you're not on a list of some kind, you're doing it wrong."

    love ya.

  3. as a peta-loving vegan who showers most of the time, i think what's going on in Egypt is sad - but it will bring the change they need. americans are so oblivious. it's important to see what's going on outside of our overly-mediated, convenience-driven, spoiled brat society. i'm glad you brought up the topic and hope more people will follow your lead - this is how we can contribute... first educate ourselves and second spread the word.

  4. Thank you all for commenting. I'm glad to know that there are other people out there thinking and hoping like I am that things will get better.


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