Friday, March 25, 2011

The Week in Review AND THE BIG WINNER!!




Without further ado, we bring you the winner of this fine piece of craftsmanship

Awesome, right? And it'll be done by the end of the day.

Comment #22 -

That's right, Poppy. YOU WIN!  PRIZE! PRESENT! BITE ME! Or email or DM me and I'll send you this lovely bit of fun.

I can't tell you how happy I was that you all wanted a piece of me.  Or my . . . ahem . . . "art".  So thrilled that you think this is cool.  And that there is interest in an Etsy shop.  Which I think is next on my list of fun things to do - balance, baby.  Balance.

Which brings me to my weekly wrap up:

School decisions/blog post.  We still haven't made a school decision for the girl.  This high school decision is hard enough - I don't look forward to the college admissions process.  And thank you all for your kind words about my post yesterday.  It helps to know that I'm not alone.

Elizabeth Taylor died. You know how I found out?  I was minding my own business, having slept in and missed the morning news [because I CAN], when I put on Regis & Kelly [yeah, I know, but we get like 5 channels and I wasn't feeling well, so cut me some slack.  I can only watch weird white guys doing travel shows on PBS for so long.] and there was a BREAKING STORY! SPECIAL REPORT!! And I immediately started thinking Giant radiation tornado in Japan?  Another earthquake?  Qaddafi's dead?  WHAT?  Oh, hi Robin Roberts - so Elizabeth Taylor died.  Um.  Yeah.  BREAKING NEWS FOR SURE!

Chris Brown loses his shit at Good Morning America.  And speaking of Robin Roberts, how come in all the press on this story, no one has mentioned that a guy who abused [Past tense? Cured? Probably not.] a woman and had to take a year long anger management course and got some bullshit certificate saying he passed the course, THAT GUY could not control his anger when he perceived a woman had disrespected him.  Fucking jackass. 

Pole Dancing for Jesus. I know.  I can't believe I didn't think of this first.  Who WOULDN'T want to show their love for their god by getting on the pole?  Fucking Texas.

Google library.  Google wants to build the world's largest digital library.  Sure, I can get behind that.  Anything so that people have access to books and knowledge.  What I can't get behind is the fact that Google wants to shaft the authors.  So a judge rejected the settlement.  If they need a lawyer, I know someone I can recommend.  HINT.

AT&T wants to buy T-Mobile. Yeah.  That won't suck for EVERYONE.  I've had T-Mobile as a carrier, and was very pleased with the service, especially the fact that I could actually make and receive calls.  And if I ever had an issue?  The customer service people were as nice as those at Apple.  I've got AT&T now, because of my iPhone, and holy fuck, it sucks.  Here's how bad it sucks: when the girl dislocated her knee for the third time, I missed FIVE phone calls from the husband telling me about it.  FIVE FUCKING PHONE CALLS ABOUT MY KID'S WELL-BEING. And it's not like I was off in the wilderness.  I was at work, where I COULD GET PHONE CALLS. Thanks, AT&T.  Awesome.  Yeah, they heard about that, for sure. Oh, and the fact that we'll be stuck with 2 monoliths "competing" against each other?  HAHAHAHA.  That's what the market wants, right? HOORAY FOR CAPITALISM!

Well, that's what's happened this week.  I also ended up freaking out because my sister had the flu and I ended up with a very mild case, but then she said her glands swelled up like balloons and I spent the night losing my shit, thinking my glands were swelling to giant watermelon size. The husband was out of state.  My parents were out of the country.  I was out of my mind. AWESOME.

Have a great weekend. XO!


  1. Good updates today.

    Google..glad you got slapped down.

    Chis Brown = Asshat.

    Elizabeth Taylor, RIP, but if James Dean wanted everyone to know about the minister, he would have told it himself. You should have taken that one to the grave.

  2. pole dancing for Jesus, well it was only a matter of time right??

    and chris Brown, I hate myself for liking his music, it comes on my IPod I start dancing, Jacob rocking out, I look at my Ipod and feel bad about myself..seriously. JERK.

    hope you're feeling better sweets, I need your humor in your week. Hey can I get your posts in my EMAIL? Not a reader but my email, so I dont miss them? Cause I am VERY BUSY, but you are not to be missed. You know??? ;)

    heart u!

  3. Pole dancing for Jesus? Oh, my goodness, if that's not fucking stupid.

    But, um, did you say it's in Texas...?

  4. Oh, NO ONE better to win this, than Poppy.

    The universe always knows..

  5. hehe.

    or...the SUNIVERSE...always knows.

    sorry, can't resist.

  6. Congratulations Poppy on that excellent piece of work. She better appreciate it or we will take it away from her.

  7. Congrats to Poppy!

    So when is the next contest giveaway thinger? Cuz that shit is awesome!!

  8. Between reading your take on the news, and working for an actual newspaper, I am, like, super up on my current events now.

  9. Seriously, can you write me a synopsis of the day's current events and email it to me?

  10. The news that I won the cross stitch IS breaking news. I thought Elizabeth Taylor was dead already. So glad I won.

  11. The news that I won the cross stitch IS breaking news. I thought Elizabeth Taylor was dead already. So glad I won.


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