Monday, September 5, 2011

Belaboring the Point

Happy Labor Day!

I've never really celebrated Labor Day - and not only because I constantly confuse it with Memorial Day.  I know both days have their reasons for existing and are quite separate, but I see them as bookends of the summer, a season I've never been much thrilled with. So while I don't generally have a big ass party or go to a parade, I do look forward to Labor Day for a variety of reasons:

**  I'm glad there's an end in sight [if not in fact] to the constant sweltering heat and humidity and the bugs - ohmygod, the bugs.  I am so thankful, every fall, that I live somewhere that gets cold enough to kill those fuckers off.

**  I can think about wearing my cute fall clothes.  Skirts and tights? MY FAVORITE.  Not sweating in work clothes? THANK YOU, FALL WEATHER.

**  Back to school excitement.  Even when I'm years out of that situation, I still can't help dawdling in the school supply aisles at Target.  It was great when the girl was little, too, because I could pick out whatever supplies I thought were cool.  As she got older, I had to remind myself that arguing about what color pencils to get was probably not my best parenting moment.  And then this year? The husband took her to Costco and I was left out of the purchasing all together.  I may have to go buy some erasers or something, just to make myself feel better. [I have no idea why the husband thought she would need a gross of sticky notes, but I think that's just his way of coping with her going away to school.]

**  I have about 9 more months before I have to deal with sweltering heat again.  Yes, I know I already mentioned the dreaded heat, but I HATE IT SO MUCH. 

**  FOOTBALL! Hah. Not really.

What makes you happy about Labor Day?  The celebration of workers? The last time you grill? The fact that baseball only has like 3 more months to go before the World Series?

[PS Moving the girl to school went fine.  I'll discuss in detail later.  Probably so much you'll stop reading.]


  1. The possibility of wearing sleeves again looms large after Labor Day for my sweaty menopausal self...

  2. Though, September is mentally stressful for me: I do have more energy with lower temps.
    But, clinically: September pushes me right to the brink.

    I depend on my funny ladies more than ever.

    September is my birthday, another year older, September is the end of summer, and having my babies all around me, September is the turn of the seasons, and the planet becomes a woman in menopause.

    I am a lovely one to know, aren't I?

    I'll be at your door any minute, Sunny...your name sounds like music to my ears today.

  3. I do miss back to school shopping. There was something so fun about supplies. I actually liked school (the waking up was the rough part).

    Don't even mention bugs. Last night on my run I swallowed a bug, was attacked by dragon flies and ran through at least 100 swarms of gnats. UGH. September/October is spider season here...dreading that, too.

    Fall is my FAVORITE season. September - November are the only times I'm close to being 'happy'.

  4. labor day kinda depresses me for largely the same reason you like it - summer is culturally over. i love summer. i own about six thousand sundresses. i am a cancer. i love the beach.

    but now that i live in a house without central air for the first time in my life, i'm starting to see why people love fall...

  5. I need to hear about the boarding school escapades. Is the girl staying up until 10 o'clock eating pork pies and drinking lashings of ginger beer with Julian, Dick and Ann???

    Sarah xxx

  6. Labor Day usually makes me question why I have a job that requires me to work holidays, including, ironically, Labor Day.

  7. I like having football on in the background. I don't know shit about the game and don't care to watch them actually play.

    But I like the SOUND of it.

    Yes, fall reminds me of tailgating; of drinking Bloody Mary's on a Sunday morning.

    Plus, there's Thanksgiving!

    (Where I get to eat like I always do but not feel guilty. Oh yeah.)

    p.s. I don't really feel guilty about eating a lot. Maybe I should. And probably I should be more ashamed of my love of Bloody Mary's. But I'm not.

  8. There are parades on Labor Day? Seriously, what the hell is this holiday all about? I think it's a day off of laboring, no? But then I'm still at home with the kid and the spouse so, yea, still laboring.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall!!! My favorite time of year! Except for the football and the baseball.

  9. I love my summer clothes. Pink & green & yellow & orange. I will miss my flip flops. All winter I wear black.


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