Thursday, August 30, 2012

Craft Whores - Oh, yes, it's happening.

You know how I make awesome stuff? Like cross stitches?

And you know how when I make awesome stuff, it's usually a little perverse?

Well, Leslie from The Bearded Iris and I got to talking and one thing led to another and . . . no, we didn't have the sex, but we DID come up with a great idea: Craft Whores. 

It's a crafting contest where YOU, you awesome, talented, deviant person, get to make a naughty craft. Naughty as in . . . you know. Dirty. As nasty as you wanna be.

You know you've had bad ideas - it's time to get those ideas made flesh. Or flesh-like. 

Take a photo of your craft and enter it in our contest and you could be one of three winners of some excellent, amazing prizes AND a badge showing you're a crafting badass.  PS The prizes are actually really, really cool.  Seriously.  I may keep them.

The best part of this contest is that you don't have to do anything but be dirty and creative, which you already are, right?  Enter your craft in the contest and we'll have three amazing judges review it - judges who aren't Leslie or me, and who are actually talented AND kind of a big deal.  Like, really big deals.

Itching to get started but don't have any ideas?  Here's what I've done.

Perhaps you recognize this bit of awesomeness?
I made this for a friend. Yes, it's a crooked picture. Cut me some slack. I'm tired.

This hangs in the hallway of our Home Sweet Home.

Now, you're ready to get started, right?

Here are the down and dirty details:

The ever fab Lady Estrogen made this - SHE ROCKS.
1.  Start crafting! Your craft has to be YOUR OWN CREATION.  Don't be a douche and steal something off the internet for this contest.  Don't be that person.  Nobody likes that person.

2.  The link up dates for the entries to be September 13 - 17, 2012.  We'll give you a few days to get your craft linked up.  We'll remind you in the meantime, don't worry.

3.  After that, our judges will review the entries and select the top three crafts.  

4.  Leslie and I will announce the winners on Thursday, September 27, 2012.

5.  Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and Leslie's blog so you can stay updated with the latest on this most excellent contest.

I'm so excited I need to change my pants!


  1. My gf is a scrapbooking and cardmaking fiend, so this is right up her alley. I'm sending her your way now!

  2. Yeah!! I've got the supplies, just have to get craft whoring asap!

  3. I can't craft for shit, but I love these...

  4. Oooooooh no. This is gonna be so awesomely bad.
    I can't wait to get home and get crafting!

  5. This is such a great idea and the badge,uh,logo? or you know the graphic's awesome. Are you going to post all the entries??? I need to see them all!


  7. I need to think up a craft I can handle. . . damn it. I have no skills. How do you feel about face paint? Crafty enough?

  8. Oh goodness. I think this calls for felt. Lots of felt.

  9. Oh, while I'm happy and thrilled for you to be leading the pack on something...once again, I will find myself on the sidelines, the talentless cheering on the talented.

    Do you have a team?

    Cuz then I'm screaming "GO TEAM SUNNI!!"

  10. I can't wait to see what people come up with!

  11. You people are awesome and I can't WAIT to take a look at your crafty goodness.


  12. Bring on the crafts, people. Bring on the crafts.

  13. Oh this will be something especially dirty and wonderful. I can't wait!

  14. Aw crap. I'm only vulgar, not crafty.

  15. All of the above comments need "like" buttons!

  16. Mmmmmm, whores, er WAIT, uh, crafts. . . . . I wish I were crafty at things that are tangible......

    I've finally done it, I'm current on your blog and I still love you long time!!!


  17. I'm so not crafty, but maybe I should make a bitch please cross stitch for my desk.

  18. WAIT, HOW THE FUCK DID I MISS THIS?!? Argh! What can I whip up in the next 3 days? *running to craft room*

  19. Someone passed this along to me on the comments of my blog, and my mom - that's right MY MOM - saw it and just sent me an extra X rated submision.



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