Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I've been a bit scattered lately. I'm not even sure why - just tired, tired, bone-goddamn-tired.

Things are going pretty o.k.  I miss all of you so very, very much.

I'm heading to my parents' house for Thanksgiving again this year.  It's a time full of food and fun. 

If you need to head out and pick something up because you forgot [and yes, that was me at the grocery store three days in a row this week], don't forget this:

Really.  Read it. Sorry for the blur. I was laughing too hard. Yes, this was in my grocery circular a few years ago. And yes, I know I put it up every year. BUT IT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS.
Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the naps and food and family.

I'll see you next week!




  1. At least it's not Jumbo Country Cock?
    Happy Thanksgiving, Suniverse. May it be filled with all the things that you want* (*wine.)

  2. I am laughing way too hard at this and remembering a local grocery store circular that had Campbell's Porn & Beans on sale. (What an explosive money shot that would be.) Thanks for sharing this, typos like that are priceless!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Glad you posted, Suni, because I've been thinking about you.


    Hope all is well, when does your girl come home?

    And thanks for answering the question, Is she a country cock or city cock girl?

  4. Happy Black Friday! It is a religious holiday at my house. A day to lay around in my jammies and be thankful I'm not fighting the hordes.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Suni! xoxo

    Is there something I should know about country cock? Am I missing out on something? You know what? Don't answer. It's too late for me so I'm better off not knowing.

  6. At that price? I'd skip the biscuits and stock up on some cock.

  7. I'm tired too. Hope you're up on your feet soon!


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