Tuesday, July 16, 2013


As I may have mentioned before, I will be going to BlogHer again this year.

I will be presenting a Room of Your Own panel with Leslie from The Bearded Iris. The topic is Blogging and Anonymity. It's on Friday, from 3:15 - 4:00. I expect you all to be there, so it won't just be me, Leslie, and a room full of empty chairs being live blogged into shame and ignomy.  If you can't be there, a written apology and gift card or a therapy session is acceptable.

Anyway, I will be at BlogHer again. I'm a bit more nervous this time, what with presenting a panel, but I'm also pretty excited. I like Chicago, I like Leslie, and I can't wait to see my online friends in their actual, corporeal versions. Plus! I think I'll be taking the train in. Which is fun. Ish. I mean, it's not Orient Express or even Via Rail [what up, Canada?!], but still. Amtrack? Should be o.k. Unless someone wants to drive? Because I hate driving.

Where was I?

Oh! BlogHer.

I met a lot of amazing people when I went last year. And, of course, most of them will not be attending this year. Which bums me out, but also is kind of exciting. Because those fantastic people I met? Were not necessarily the people I had planned on meeting [or, come on, stalking]. Instead, I met some brilliant people who I just happened to cross paths with - they knew someone or were sitting at the same table as me or happened to be in the Serenity Suite at the same time - and we clicked.

I fucking love that click.

These are people who I am still in contact with, who still inspire me, who still crack me up.

I know a lot of people go to BlogHer and other conferences to connect with brands and make connections to further their businesses, but I love the fact that I can go without that type of agenda and STILL come away with a feeling that I've gotten even more than I bargained for.  That I won at BlogHer.

So, if you're going to be in Chicago the July 25- 28, let me know. I want to meet more delightful people who will make my life more engaging. But it's not only to my benefit that we meet. I've got something for you, too.

I'll be the one who knows where the good bathrooms are.


  1. You know if I was still going, I'd be in the front row -- likely wearing a 'SHOW US YA TITS' t-shirt, just for you & Leslie.


    Have an amazing time & good luck!

    1. if YOU were going to BlogHer I would be stalking you my friend. But I understand why you are not...however, I can wear the shirt for both of us. ;)

    2. SO GLAD you won't be there then, Lady E, because like I need to be egged on any further to embarrass myself in public. XO


  2. I only have an EXPO and PARTY pass, so unless you sneak me into your panel (HEY, now there's an idea!!) I'll see you before/after and I'll probably be texting you during your panel.

    I'm the chick with the CLICK. ;)


  3. It's all about the click. Not to be confused with the clique. Because those were the girls who were mean to me from 2nd grade till about... well, never mind. A long time. But YOU were nice to me! And smart & funny & you give hella good text.
    Did I divulge too much?
    Your panel is going to kick some blogher butt & I'm really sorry to miss it/you/the sparklecorn

  4. I will be there, so now I am sure your day is complete and you will rest easy tonight. Though I am never a front row sitter, I will most likely blend in somewhere in the back- the theme's anonymity right? Lookin' forward to it ladies, see ya in a week.

  5. You'll be the one in the red Talbot's dress, right?


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