Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All work and no Internet makes Suniverse something something

Hola, bitches.

I'm writing this on my phone, because that is how fucking dedicated I am to posting every day.

Our internet has been out at our house for a couple of days. So has our home phone. Guess which one is causing me psychic harm?

I wouldn't think it would be such a big deal, except holy shit am I addicted to being online. I try and wean myself off my phone at night, but it's hopeless. I complain that I'm too tired to do anything creative, but I sure as hell can play games for a hundred hours (Drop 7 and Candy Crush, you'll be named in my commitment papers.).

How do you unplug? Do you even bother? I used to laugh at the very idea on Google Glass, but now I'm thinking I could totally jump on that train.


  1. Last year my husband and I started to do puzzles at night to force ourselves to unplug and talk like humans. It worked for a while. But then my kids started to lose the puzzle pieces, and there was always a puzzle in the way on the table, yada yada, back to our screens.

  2. Leave my phone across the room when I sit down on the couch? That's about all I got.

  3. What is this evil "unplug" of which you speak????

    I have my laptop and phone with me all the time, sometimes my Kindle too. I have at least three browser windows open while watching TV...


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