Monday, January 27, 2014

Justified and Ancient

We're all bound for Mu Mu Land.*

I was having Sunday Morning Dance Party [by myself, which is NOT as sad as it sounds. I had the living room curtains open, so I was pretending it was back in the day and I was in a cage. Not that I ever cage danced. Much.] and was hit with such a wave of sadness and wasted potential.

Nothing against the girl and the husband, but man, I'm still regretting not hitting it really hard as a club girl. Or harder, I guess.

I told the husband about this [marriage is all about honesty] and he said, "What's stopping you? I just told you my plans for the future, why don't you focus on this? You still look young.  Your skin's smooth and you don't have any wrinkles."

"Yeah, and the girl is already pretty much on her own, and may not have any kids, so we're may not be grandparents."

"Why don't you do this?"

I thought about it and agreed, so now I've got my plan. I'm getting in shape and I'm going to be a club girl.  With an AARP card.

What's in store for your future?

KLF is going to rock you.


  1. I'll club with you in my too short skirts and get drunk on two drinks!

  2. It's 11 pm and I should be in bed, but instead I just spent 10 minutes watching the KLF music video, and then YouTube wanted me to also watch Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance, so of course I did that too. I blame you, but I also thank you.

  3. I actually wholly avoided the club scene all through my bachelorhood. I don't know if this makes me a nerd or "closet cool."

  4. Beats what I had planned so far. I'm in.

  5. I can SO see you as a club girl. A seriously pissed off, swearing, throwing drinks club girl in a cage. You'd be hot.

    My future? I hate that question because I have no fucking idea. Writing something awesome would be great but that's as far as I've gotten.

  6. Can I go clubbing with you even though I DO have wrinkles?
    (Let's call them "laugh lines.")

    Hahahahaha. Ha!

  7. Um. I'm joining your club. Obviously.

  8. Bang a gong. Get it on. Also, hubby rocks hard.


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