Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Awkward Conversations

Mother in law: How did you and the husband meet?

Me, looking around at MIL, FIL, the husband, and the girl, unable to think of a lie: At a bar.

Everyone laughs.

Me, because I can't keep my fucking mouth shut: It was dollar pitcher night.

Some laughter, mostly from me, the girl, and the husband. 

MIL: Well, where did you go on your first date?

Me, thinking, does going back to his place count as a first date? I'm going to count it as part of the meeting, and move on: We went to an outdoor bar.

The husband, trying to do damage control: Yeah, we had a nice dinner there.

Sure we did.


  1. and this, right here, is why you're my hero.

  2. True story:
    I met Bill at a bar.
    Our first date was at a bar.
    ALL our dates are at bars. Still. (And yes, we sometimes eat food there.)

    Hey. If it ain't broke...

  3. At least you knew you were getting someone thrifty! THAT is a story to share 15 years from now with your daughter.

  4. You couldn't make up a more cringeworthy story if you tried!


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