Monday, August 18, 2014

Too Tired to Lift a Hand

I had all sorts of funny things to tell you, and then I forgot them all, because I wasn't writing them down. "You'll remember this in the morning," I'd tell myself, because I didn't want to move my arm and reach for the pen and notebook next to my bed. Of course I never remembered; I can barely remember what I needed to get at Costco, meaning we have a surfeit of paper towels but no walnuts, and just how am I supposed to eat oatmeal without walnuts? It's like a minimum security prison up in here.

[ASIDE: I finally figured out what my deal is with Orange is the New Black. I do like the show, even though some stupid online Buzzfeed-type quiz told me that I was Pennsitucky, which FUCK YOU, BUZZFEED, MY TEETH ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Anyway, I like the show. I like the characters - especially the fact that it's solid women's characters not relegated to the background.

What put me off, I realized, was that it was so relentlessly depressing. Nothing good happens. I mean, small good things, but in general? It's all terrible. So I have to ration it out and only watch an episode every several days, until I'm psychically able to deal with the misery.

PS. HOW AWESOME IS THE VEE & TAYSTEE STORYLINE? I'm only like 4 or 5 episodes into the 2nd season, so don't spoil this for me.]

Back to my point, which is that I am lazy and have a poor memory. This means I've not been posting, but I HAVE been writing like a crazy person, which has been fun. And exhausting. But mostly wonderful. I love writing.

I'm also working on my memory, by doing crossword puzzles. That People magazine one is a killer. HAHAHA. Evidently my humor is lacking, too.

Whatever. You wish we were hanging out.


  1. You know, I've been trying to figure out what my issue was with OITNB. I mean, it's got boobs and humor and good writing -- really, I couldn't ask for more in a show. But, I haven't been able to binge watch it the way I was able to binge watch other things. It might just be that, yeah, little good happens.

  2. *I* have been doing the crossword too because: Alzheimers. I have a friend whose mother was diagnosed with Alz at 56 & now ten years later is in a home, memory totally gone. GONE. Terrifying & depressing enough to be an episode of OITNB. But upside cannot wait to hear about your writing (hint. hint. HINT).

  3. I just added 'crossword puzzle' to my to-do list, thankyouverymuch. My mother does them for the same reason and I have been meaning to follow suit. But I always forget. Which is why I need to do them. High-five for writing!


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