Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is this thing on?


I'm back.

What have I been doing? The usual life stuff - work, parenting, marriage, etc.

I also had some pretty intense surgery where I had my gall bladder removed because it was inflamed and full of giant stones and my liver had GROWN AROUND IT SO DISGUSTING THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES LIVER.

Anyway, I'm back, bitches.

Here's a story that will get you up to speed on how I'm living my life:

The other day, it was about zero degrees without the wind chill. I had had a long day at work, and was kind of headachey, and realized that I needed an ice cream treat. There's a Culver's nearby, which, if you haven't had their concrete, what the fuck are you waiting for?

I pulled up to the drivethru [it was too cold to get out of my car, but not too cold for ice cream] and ordered my usual giant vanilla concrete with salted caramel - no Heath bars this time, which I'm still kicking myself about.

I had a moment of hesitation while ordering when I saw that the flavor of the day was Boston Creme. But I went with my standby. And then when I got the window, I asked if I could get a sample of the Boston Creme. Which the nice kid gave me.

And then I drove off and stuck the sample spoon in my mouth and thought, "OH MY GOD, SO DELICIOUS."

That thought kept rolling through my brain, even as I stopped across the street to get gas, wondering at how sad my life was that I didn't get the Heath bars and also that I wouldn't be able to have Boston Creme ice cream.

And then I realized I am a grown woman, so I went BACK to the drivethru at Culvers and got a Boston Creme sundae and it took me 3 days to eat it and the original vanilla and salted caramel treat is still sitting in my freezer.

I've missed you all.


  1. Pfft. Amateur. Thank god I moved to Southfield from Redford. No Culver's out here. Yet. I could have polished off both sundaes in an afternoon.

  2. haaaa!!! I have done the same !!!
    Welcome back, lady!!!

  3. Glad you're all better! And ate ice cream!

  4. WELCOME BACK SUNI! Since I have been on hiatus myself due to 6 months in school working on a certificate for wound, ostomy and continence (those words tell the whole story), I can't blow you off for being away, especially since gall bladder surgery is serious. (I had it years ago, without complications thank god.)

    Anyway, welcome back! It is NEVER too cold for ice cream, or repeat drive by drivethru's for it.

  5. GROSS. Welcome back. And concrete? concrete is ice cream? I'm so confused right now. Damn Americans. :)


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