Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where have I been? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

O.k, I know and YOU know that there's a lot going on this week, what with political conventions and holiday workweeks and OUR BABIES GOING TO SCHOOL [oh, are you going to get a post on THAT one when I am able to stop weeping], but DO NOT FORGET WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FOCUSING ON:

Because fuck yeah, right?
Seriously.  Get your craft on.  In case you forget what's happening, here it is in summation:

You make a dirty craft [explicitly filthy, not germy - come on, it's like you don't know me at all], and then you take a photo and submit it during our link up on September 13 - 17, at which point it will be judged and then three winners are going to be announced [info on prizes com.  Full deets are here.

Now, while both Leslie and I can be very judgmental, we thought we'd enlist the aid of some more spectacular people, people who are not afraid to be creative, to be brilliant and to help a couple of bitches out when they are in need.  Besides, who doesn't love a celebrity judge?

Who are the judges? I am proud to announce that these fine women have agreed to review your work:

Bad. Ass.
Jen from The Next Martha.
Witty, pretty, and wise.
A crafter,
Sarcastic, and
A great dancer.

She's a doll. Truly.

Kathy from Crafty Chica.
Awesome in so many ways in so many media.
A crafter,
A writer, and
Sweet as pie.

Writes what you feel.

Robin Plemmons from Balls to the Wall, Y'all.
Who knows how to bring it,
An artist,
A writer, and
So giving.

 These brilliant, generous women have agreed to act as judges and decide who among you will be selected as being the CRAFT WHORES OF THE UNIVERSE.

No lie, people. This is a big deal.  I can't believe that they've agreed to soil themselves among us mere mortals, but they have and NO TAKE BACKS, O.K?

So get your asses crafting and spread the word.

Craft Whores represent.


  1. I wish I could do something.

    Maybe send in a dirty poem or limerick?

    I could do that.

    LOVE two of these judges, about to love a third.

    Off to meet her b/c anyone who helps my girl out is a friend indeed.


  2. Saw this on The Bearded Iris' site - and now you're announcing judges. That's when shit got have them judge my lame attempt at a crochet ding dong? I'm all confuzzled!

  3. I want to be a whore. I'ma try to be a whore.

  4. Too bad I don't have a crafty bone in my body.

  5. I feel right at home amongst the crafting & the whoring. Thank you for asking me to judge people on purpose. Normally I do my judging quietly & then assess with my therapist. Excited to see the shit you all come up with! Do your worst!

  6. an auction afterwards would be lovely---I need something to go with my "Shut Your Piehole" cross-stitch that is in my kitchen...

  7. Not gonna lie, I'm jealous of the crafters for this.

  8. It's a fine state of affairs when you realize that you will NOT be the first commenter to use the term 'crocheted dildo'. I believe my life HAS become all I wanted it to.

  9. my days of whoring myself around are over.

  10. Done and Done.

    Not the entering part, but the SHOUT OUT part.

    You're on my ICYMI for this Sunday.

    ALL MY LOVE, lovey.


  11. The judges are so awesome, it's a damn shame I can't share my inappropriate Katniss braid. What??

  12. Will it do if I just draw a picture of a penis and pour glitter over it?

  13. I'm out on the craft-front, but I did want to come over and say hiiii :-)


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