Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can't get no love?

I was listening to that TLC song "No Scrubs" and I realized that during high school and college, I was the scrub. I was sitting in the passenger side of my best friend's ride.

Of course, I do that now, mostly, too, because I fucking HATE driving.

Does it count as being a scrub if you hate driving, and that's the reason you're hanging in the passenger side?

Would it be better if I sat in the back?

I think this may be a reason I'm glad I'm married - I can default to the husband driving and not worry about feeling like a scrub.


  1. At my age, I've realized that I don't care that I'm a scrub.

  2. You make me giggle every day...I LIKE THAT ABOUT YOU!

  3. I'm so uncool I don't even KNOW WHAT A FUCKING SCRUB IS. I sort of prefer not driving too, although I don't really like sitting in the passenger seat because then I can see everything that could go wrong and I don't SAY anything, but it's stressful. I like being oblivious in the back seat, but that's awkward if it's just me and the driver.

  4. Have you heard the BASTILLE version of that song?
    It's kind of awesome.

    Like you.

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