Friday, March 24, 2017


Oh, hey, yeah. I remember I used to do this.

Did you miss me? Did you realize I was gone?

Did you color your hair? It looks amazing.

I'm tired and cranky, as are most of you. I'm trying lots of different things to alleviate this existential despair. Yoga. Drinking. Inadvisable piercings.

They each bring a tiny bit of relief, but not much. And so, here I am again. Writing.

What have you been up to?

I've been working, and protesting, and agitating, and doing my nails every week. Also, spending a ridiculous amount of money on lipstick. I only have two lips. I probably don't need that many slightly varying shades of dark purple lipstick. My lipstick bag is a goth teen's dream come true.

Anyway, glad I'm here. Glad you're back. See you soon.


  1. Welcome back!
    You have been missed.

    (LOVE YOU and your purple lips...)

  2. Hell Yes I Missed You!I started following you on tumblr for god's sake. No, I'm letting it gray naturally, and thank you. I'm sure yours is equally amazing.
    What have I been up to? Menofuckingpause.
    Send lipstick. The rules of make-up have seemed to have changed. I bought a bikini - I'm wearing it next week to the beach. Fuck it. Where is everyfuckingbody that use to make sense in my in box, Suniverse?

    1. Hahaha Tumblr?!? That's awesome and I'm sorry.

      I don't know where everyone is - but I'd love everyone to come back. The world is terrible. And menopause is BULLSHIT.

  3. Hey, hi! I haven't been doing this much lately either. And I do the same with lipstick, but bronzy brown instead of purple. I've been up to finishing the diploma I've been working on since the dawn of time. Now I'm going to Hawaii. Aloha.

    1. Uh, ALOHA?!?! Lucky duck. Enjoy and good luck with your diploma!

  4. Suniverse-Sup? Where'd you go? Come back and play.


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