Saturday, September 8, 2007

Homework Interruptus

I'm sitting here, trying to read about property deeds (which I actually usually enjoy - I know, could there be a bigger nerd?) and I'm having a hard time focusing. It's Saturday, the weather's nice (the Kid and I went for a walk this morning and the suburbs looked so pretty!) and I'm inside reading.

I may go outside and sit on the deck and read and get some vitamin D (and UV rays) but I'm afraid I'll sneak out the Calvin & Hobbes book the Kid checked out from the library yesterday and fritter away the day. Mmmmm . . . fritters.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I didn't get the Eve Harrington look, because I forgot to bring the movie cover and my stylist (who is 12, I think) couldn't remember seeing the movie. Ah, kids. I also forgot my $10 off coupon, so that kind of sucked. But I have a cute hair cut, which is the important thing. Next time, I'll remember the video cover.

I read Calvin Trillin's About Alice last night. I love his writing, and I love their life together. I want that life, where they do all sorts of fun, important things and really, truly care about each other. I think, finally, that I'm at the point where I don't hate my husband all the time just because we're married (I'm not a fan of marriage, which is a knee-jerk reaction I'm trying to get over) and I'm actually happy to have someone (him) in my life, supporting me and wanting me to succeed. It's a new and interesting view, but it's sometimes hard to NOT dwell on the fact that the first 9 years of our marriage (and the previous 26 years of my life) were wasted hating something that could, in the right hands, be a good thing.

Am I making sense? Shall I talk about feoffment, instead?


I left the cap off my highlighter and look what I did to my arm and my book!!!!

Stupid poetic justice.

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