Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Saturday Night - What Are You Doing?

I'm sitting here, trying to finish up my homework for the day.

Instead, G was playing with the computer and then needed to listen to a new song to get the lame song I put into her head ("I'd put the words here, but you'd kill me for putting it into your head") so we picked out Amy Winehouse's "I'm No Good" because nothing like a song about a gal who's a cheater to send your tween off to bed with!

This is just one example of my parenting awesomeness. First, I keep telling G that if anyone gives her any guff (teachers, principal, the kid who pulled her hair last year, that other kid who keeps whining about how she's got no friends) to tell them that I WILL SUE THEM TO FUCKING DEATH. Except I don't say fucking. For a change.

Which leads me to #2 awesome recent parenting skill:
G and E are considering getting yet another video game system (why are we poor and why is G going to go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College? Because we have PS1, PS2, Game Cube, Game Boy and Nintendo DS plus all the games that go with.) and were talking about this new game Rock Star (or something - maybe Rock Band?) for XBox and you can create a band and OMG! It's got Beastie Boys "Sabotage" (which I listened to ALL THE TIME while I was pregnant with G and was a bit feature of my mix tapes), so I was actually excited about this new game and game system.

G asked what our band name should be and my answer was: The Kick Ass Assers! YES! THE COOLEST BAND NAME EVER!!!!

It's amazing the exasperation and eye-rolling a 10 year old can put into the word "Mom".

Even E, who was a sailor and still swears like one, thought that I went beyond the line by suggesting that name for a band a 10 year old would be in.

My next suggestion was The Kick Butt Butters.

I am awesome!


  1. Well, at least "butters" is a word. Sorta.

  2. Yeah. Sorta.

    Maybe like Butters on South Park.


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