Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What's New, You Ask?

The guy who sits in front of me for one of my (1 1/2 hour long) classes has THE WORST DANDRUFF EVER.

Seriously. I'm going to hurl.


  1. Gross!

    I once accompanied a client (a lawyer who had been a very bad boy and deserved all the trouble he was about to get) to a showdown with the State Bar. I was so distracted by the dandruff raining out of the State Bar lawyer's head that I think I did a poor job of representing my cheeseball (but dandruff-free) client.

    So, yeah, that's what I think of whenever somebody says "dandruff."

  2. What do you do? Give them a showercap? A giant bottle of Head and Shoulders? Lotion? Gross.


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