Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Attack of teh slugs

We don't treat our lawn with chemicals. At all. I generally don't mind, except for those goddamn prickly weeds, which I believe are Satan's fingernails. (BTW, who watched Reaper last night? That's a great show!)

Anyway, we don't treat our lawn at all, because I'm not a big fan of chemicals and my kid likes to play outside. And the rabbits living under our deck seem to enjoy munching on the pretty purple and white flowers that bloom all over the treelawn in the summer. And the dandelions are fun to pick up and blow when they've died.

So because we are crunchy granola holistic lawn family, we get slugs travelling great distances (I'd imagine) to chill out in our environs. Last night, the mother of all slugs was sliming its way up our screen door. I nearly hurled. And then E and G went outside for something and they found ANOTHER giant slug on the driveway. It's like an infestation.

On the screen door:

We also think that maybe they are coming to meet their master:


  1. Slugs. Ewww. I know that I should be an equal opportunity nature lover, but I just can't embrace slugs (figuratively and literally, of course!).

  2. I know. They completely gross me out. And my child? Thinks they're awesome. Puke.


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